Moving Medical Equipment

Moving Medical Equipment


If you’re in the process of shopping for a moving company to transport medical equipment to another location, you can rest at ease.  Most of the firms that specialize in these tasks have skilled personnel who understand the seriousness of this undertaking.  They’re experienced in handling relocations for physicians’ offices, clinics, hospital and laboratories. 


Moving companies that perform this type of service count on qualified people who know it’s important to handle equipment with care.  They understand that medical machines are extremely delicate and pricey.  And thus, they ensure that everyone they hire is responsible and honest.


In addition to a skilled staff, these companies possess the right tools for lifting and transporting the machinery, especially the heavier pieces.  As you know, these items can be extremely awkward to carry and may also require temperature controlled environments.


Among the most commonly transported items are diagnostic apparatus like x-ray, CT and MRI devices; laboratory tools, hospital beds, ultrasound machines, nuclear science equipment and computers, to name a few.  


In addition, upon hiring the relocation firm, ask about their special packing plans; and don’t forget to inquire about their procedures for unloading.  Make sure the agreement you’re entering into includes removal of the items from the crates and placing them in their place.  You certainly don’t want the medical technicians to haul heavy equipment when they lack the experience to do so. 


And note that if your inventory of goods includes laboratory items, they too can provide you with experts who are skilled in taking care of microscopes, centrifuges and other highly sensitive pieces.


Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for added security since most of these apparatus can cost millions of dollars.  Most of the movers provide you with added personnel to supervise the process, if you request it. 


And in addition, make sure the company you’re hiring understands how important it is that they deliver the equipment to its destination on time.  Impress upon them that failure to do so may disrupt the operation of life-saving procedures.


So set your worries aside.  Companies that render their services to medical facilities pride themselves for their expertise although they didn't study medicine abroad.    


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